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Diabetes Cure with Duodenal Switch

Obesity is the leading cause of Type II diabetes mellitus (adult onset diabetes) in the United States. With sufficient weight loss, diabetes will in most cases improve or resolve. Walter Poires, M.D. published in 2004 a study outlining the improvement in Type II diabetes after Roux-En-Y gastric bypass. Since we began performing the Duodenal Switch (DS) in 1993, we have observed that the majority of our patients following their DS for their morbid obesity have had their diabetes cured immediately following the surgery. In fact, we have seen a remarkable 97% recovery rate for our patients with diabetes. Many of our patients discontinue their insulin and/or oral hypoglycemic medications prior to their hospital discharge.

This phenomenon of immediate cure of the diabetes following the DS is, in large part, due to the intestinal rearrangement that is a component of the procedure. We have found that the improvement in and cure of Type II diabetes mellitus following weight loss surgery is, by far, most dramatic following the Duodenal Switch. We routinely perform the DS laparoscopically (LapDS) since we pioneered this minimally invasive approach in 1999.

Below is a chart outlining the differences following weight loss surgery in the cure and or reduction of diabetes and other serious morbid obesity related diseases reported by Harvey Buchwald, M.D. in his meta analysis published in 2004. In this study over 20,000 postoperative bariatric patients were followed for up to 13 years.

Obesity Related Illnesses that Improved/Resolved Following Weight Loss Surgery:

Gastric Band RNY DS
Diabetes Mellitus 47.9% 83.7% 98.9%
Hyperlipidemia 58.9% 96.9% 99.1%
Hypertension 43.2% 67.5% 83.4%
Sleep Apnea 95% 80.4% 92%

Buchwald, H. Bariatric Surgery, A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. JAMA, October 13, 2004-Vol 292, No. 14

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